We care about your HydroTracer

We provide program updates, reagent, spares and take care of the calibration as part of your test equipment monitoring.

Calibration with Certificate

Based on a method described in ISO 15512:2019 "Plastics - Determination of water content".

Loan equipment

If you cannot do without a residual moisture meter on site - we provide loaners.

Quick service

A standard calibration & maintenance needs just about 5 working days.

Affordable Prices

...for spare parts, accessories or maintenance work.

Please feel free to contact us +49 (0) 33 209 20 327

Wherever measuring devices are used in quality-related areas, the regular check of these instruments is required.

We recommend a period until the next calibration of,

  • 1 year under constant use
  • 2 years with regular use
  • 2-3 years by occasional use